teh vlad
teh vlad
No joke..
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Writting rant and gettin dressed [im nekkid!] Not anymore!

Today's comic was a plain experiment for my amusement: How ihooky will look if it were drawn by other webcomic authors? The result, today's comic :)

Rating from work: I was drawing the comic last nite, when I did start to copy the other guys styles, I did found quite a bit of a joy and in the drawing process. When I did ending drawing, it was just nice, new techniques, new tricks, new stuff.

Well.. lets start the pimping, shall we ?

In the order included in the comic, you got Stu, who has one of the most acid, strange sense of humor, but indeed damn good [im proposing to rebuild his website and make it rant enabled, automatic uploading and stuff like that just to ease his mind and provide us more updates].

Then you got Little Gamers, and its little to say about them as probably you reader have found ihooky from reading Madsen. *Lots of love*

Next row, you can find Extra Life. Now Scott has a really interesting website, webcomic, and a great podcast. Most of the time i have to squeeze time at work to listen it, and its getting harder to pass inadverted to everyone, as the laughs and smiles are too damn evident (I hope the bastards dont get the idea that im THAT happy here at the office).

Next to it, Jo with Infinite Monkeyz, he was the first webcomic that offer me to trade links, then also, he was the first one to sent me a guest comic. So for many reasons, he got a place in today's comic.

Then you got the really odd Obsidian [the tech handicaped ninja] *wink*. Need to say anything about him? Nsh, just good stuff!

And lately, a plain doodle of how ihooky should look in preproduction, but...well.. who cares ? most of the time I just draw it as it is. No base, no sketch, straight to the final form!

New incentives now! Enjoy!

Talk to you in monday, enjoy your weekend and smile! Deal ?

Peace in the world

Meh | Posted on 30/09/2005 08:07


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